Peaches and Other Body Shapes in Paris

August 17, 2011 § Leave a comment

Lounging, Rue de Faubourg Saint Antoine, Paris 75011

Body image is a complex issue for almost everyone I think, women and men. Right now I am spending so much time by myself, walking around Paris, observing people around me, that I have become even more hyper-aware of bodies and body image, than I already usually am. It is easy to think, the French are all thin and beautiful, and boo hoo, I am not. Me, I am not thin. I am, as they say most wonderfully in Yiddish, zaftig, curvy. While I spend a lot of time trying to get a bit thinner, I would never want to lose my curves, to become bony or stick thin. And I think I might be in the neighborhood of beautiful, though of course beauty is an entirely subjective category. Of course it should not matter what others think. But it is difficult not to feel a pang when men are falling over themselves to stare at a woman sitting next to me. But first of all, there is something to be said for being invisible. And second, when I look at her, I do not want to be her. She is smoking. Her jeans are so tight they hurt me. Her bra straps are falling down her shoulders. But she is thin and clearly many find her very beautiful.

I have discovered something I find beautiful that is much more like me and to my taste. La pêche de vigne. It is a French peach. The skin is smooth and not too fuzzy at all, more like a nectarie, and the flesh is a beautiful rich striated red. It is sweet, roundish, somewhere perfect between firm and soft, and utterly delicious. These peaches are not cheap in the only market where I have seen them, but I cannot resist and have decided I will take advantage and enjoy them for as long as their season lasts. They would be amazing baked into a pie or crumble, but I have been savoring them dripping over the kitchen sink.

I also have a newfound respect for the many food bloggers I read. I never try to take pictures of my food, but I wanted to post a photograph of these beautiful peaches because their color is so striking. Turns out, it is hard as hell to take a good picture of food. Rather than post a really terrible photo of a beautiful peach, I decided to post a depiction of one type of beautiful woman. And she’s just a bit zaftig. Perfect.


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