La promenade plantée, or Paris’ High Line

August 27, 2011 § Leave a comment

La promenade plantée at Viaduc des Arts, Avenue Daumesnil, Paris 75012

This morning I took an eight kilometer (or so) walk along the length of la promenade plantée, a path that crosses virtually the entire 12th arrondisement of Paris following the path of the old ligne de Vincinnes rail track.

Surely it helped inspire the newly opened and still expanding High Line in NYC?

The walk is fantastic, I will definitely be doing it again. It is sometimes raised high above the streets, full of beautiful flowers, plants, trees, along some lovely parks, through some fountains. The views are fantastic. It is truly being in Paris without feeling like you are in the city. Of course I went early on Saturday morning so it was at first pretty empty save for a few joggers. It was so quiet. Except for when crossing streets the sound of cars and buses are muted almost to silence. You are in the trees, on level with the windows of some beautiful old Paris apartment buildings. It is peaceful, truly an escape within the city. If you are in Paris and need some greenery, some space and time to clear your mind and to do something a little bit different, definitely consider checking this out. It is much less touristy than the gardens and parks scattered throughout the city, especially if you walk out toward Vincinnes.



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