Produce in Paris: Fee Fi Fo FIG!

August 29, 2011 § Leave a comment

Despite the title of this post, I actually bought a handful of these small figues de France at the weekly market in the small town of Breteuil-sur-Iton when I was in Normandy last week. I usually look for big, round, luscious, soft, curvy figs. I did not expect much from these because they looked rather small and dull. Still, never one to pass up a fresh, locally grown fig, I decided to take my chances. After biting into the first one I immediately wished that I had bought every last fig the farmer had. They were incredible. The photo does not really illustrate just how RED and bright and juicy these figs were. I have had fresh figs before, even just-picked figs off the tree in California. All delicious, but never this color, never this sweetness. These were the best, the most beautiful, and the sexiest figs that I have ever had. I happily savoured each and every last one of them. They were so good I never considered eating them any other way except for plain, just as they were, lightly rinsed and gently dried, and eaten in tiny bites in order to try to prolong the pleasure.

Produce in Paris might or might not become a regular posting that I do. The markets here are such a food lover’s dream. Not only the produce which is often particularly amazing, but also the fish, cheese, meat, bread, plants, everything seems to have a sheen of freshness and an allure that can be hard to come by elsewhere, but seems pervasive in the markets of Paris. For the moment, I am on the lookout for more of these figs, nothing special on the outside, extraordinary on the inside.


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