Ever Watched a Movie Alone – At The Theater?

September 4, 2011 § Leave a comment

Solitary Sunflower, Unidentified Jardin, Paris 75004

Up until two days ago my answer to this question would have been no, not even close. But that was before I decided to take advantage of a free movie pass a friend had given me, good for any movie in this particular chain of theaters. Granted it was the middle of the day, a bright sunny warm day in Paris, but I still never expected to be the only person in the theater. I was taken aback when I first walked in and no other seat was taken. Over the next ten minutes until the previews began, nobody else came in. I was alone in a public movie theater. Like so much of my current life, the experience was both very isolated and completely liberating. Was it a bit lonely? I suppose. But I felt so free! I laughed out loud, I stretched my legs out, I sat cross-legged in my seat, I leaned to the left and to the right. I was alone! I could do whatever I wanted and I loved it.

The movie was not very good, I got sick of it about halfway through, but the experience of being alone in the theater was too good to pass up on, or to cut short.

It’s very interesting to be truly alone, especially when surrounded by people in a big city like Paris. It is possible that one day soon I will begin to be overwhelmed by loneliness. Maybe. But for the moment, I am luxuriating in my solitude. It is something I fantasized about for so long, to be able to do whatever I want, whenever I want, to not have to discuss everything and anything and nothing. To be silent and free and to feel independent and strong. It is not scary to be alone. It is liberating to be alone. I know that I need to learn to be stronger and more independent when I am not alone but until that moment comes I am going to enjoy every minute of my current aloneness. I think it might be the ideal way in which to enjoy one of the city of my dreams. Alone in Paris.


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