Flying – Paris to Warsaw Today

September 13, 2011 § Leave a comment

Graffiti, Floating-Flying Man with Umbrella, Paris, 75003

This afternoon I am off to Warsaw. Unfortunately my means of transportation will not be as whimsical as this, though I wish it could be.

This research trip represents a new step in my dissertation process. It will also be an entirely new research experience for me. I have never worked in a country where I basically do not know the language! I have someone who will be coming to the archives with me, a translator, a research assistant, which I think (hope!) will make the research do-able. A decade ago I briefly exchanged Polish for French lessons, but that was mainly vital conversational Polish and like I said, it was a decade ago. I can barely remember yesterday so…

I am excited though, to get to know Warsaw a bit better, to do research in a new place and in a new way, to (re)learn a few useful words in Polish, and most of all, to see what I will find in the archives! The possibilities look very promising from here. And, there is a promise of cats where I am staying, and I can never resist a feline.

Curious Cat, La Cité Plantagenêt, Le Mans, France

I think I might miss Paris and the apartment which I am slowly making into my own, as borrowed and temporary as it may be. I might or might not post from Warsaw. All depends on my internet connection and free time and mood. But I certainly will be back in ten to twelve days-ish, continuing to document my life, research, writing, and etc. in Paris.


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