Living au 5ème étage (on the sixth floor), Or, I Need a New Workout Routine

September 26, 2011 § Leave a comment

Looking down from my sixth floor landing

Living au 5ème étage means:

it is really the sixth floor because what in America would be the first floor, in France (and many other countries) is the ground floor, the first is one flight up

a great view over the rooftops of Paris and of the sky

walking up 96 steps usually at least twice a day (exercise!)

walking down 96 steps usually at least twice a day (hard on the joints)

feeling like I live in my own private world, above the street

basically no one is going to climb up and knock on my door unless I am expecting them

tons of natural light streaming in my windows

cool breezes too

Most of these points are great. In New York too I always wanted to live on the highest floor possible. But I have discovered a new, HUGE drawback to my 5ème étage apartment. When I workout early in the morning, if I do any kind of cardio whatsoever – mountain climbers, burpees, plank jacks, jogging, jump roping, you get the idea – my downstairs neighbor is disturbed and bangs loudly on his ceiling? wall? I don’t know. And I feel terrible and ashamed but also frustrated and angry.

Here’s the thing. Well, two things. Thing one is that I have to workout pretty intensely 5-6 days a week. I cannot afford to join a gym. Not in the realm of possibilities right now. I do jog outside once a week, but my feet and joint problems makes it a delicate situation. The judgmental stares of Parisians do not make it any easier either. Still, I am going to try to up it to twice a week, but I think three times would be just inviting injury. So what is a woman who is always struggling with her weight and loves (and needs) regular intense workouts to do? Help!!

Oh and thing two is just me being peevy, maybe. There is an apartment in the building across the street. I do not know if it is an underground hostel or just shared by college kids or what. But at least once a week, usually Saturday night, they party. Loudly. Usually until about 3:30am. No one calls the cops. No one yells out the windows for them to shut up. Nothing. And they are LOUD I promise. But then I try to do a few jumping jacks and people freak.

Which leads me to what the possible solution might be – changing up the time of my workout. I like to wake up and work out immediately, usually by 6:30am. So maybe that is the problem? What if I tried doing it in the evening instead? At least then I don’t have to worry about waking the guy up…A possibility, but I don’t love it because I like my schedule and because supposedly you burn more calories all day if you workout in the morning. And I need all the help I can get.


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