Fall in Paris: Peeping at Flowers not Leaves

October 4, 2011 § Leave a comment

View of La Tour Eiffel from le Pont de l’Alma, Paris, 75008

Even though it is October, the past few weeks in Paris have been incredibly hot and sunny, more like August. Today is the first sort of feeling like fall day, although it is still kind of humid and warm. Nevertheless, lately, I find myself looking up at the trees when I am on my long walks, and when I am passing by or through a park. Well, I always pay a lot of attention to trees. But recently I am looking hopefully for one of my favorite signatures of fall, the changing of the leaves. But nothing much is happening in that area in Paris, not yet at least. But I have been noticing flowers. They always stand out, especially on overcast days like today, their colors and shapes standing in contrast to the dullness of the sunlight.

Parc de Belleville, Paris, 75020

I have no idea what kind of flower this is. I think that in the way its purples flow into its blues, it looks more like a watercolor than a real flower. It was the only one in the garden, on the plant, and I just noticed it out of the corner of my eye. Unfortunately it was inside a gated lawn so I could not get close to it. Fortunately I have a decent zoom on my little camera. I just think it’s incredibly beautiful. It looks so delicate and elegant, with every vein clearly visible. Yet I think it is pretty hardy, hanging on into October, revealing its full rainbow shape on a cloudy, windy, Paris morning.

I find simple sights like this to be very inspiring. On my walks I am always looking for things to photograph. I consider the process part of my larger research and writing process. If I am open to inspiration, to beauty, to humor, to creativity, to uniqueness, as well as to decay, to pain, to confusion, to the past, then I will also be open to my own creative process. At least that is my hope and that is one reason why I go on almost daily long meandering walks and why I take so many photographs when I am out and about. If everything is connected, then I have to inspire and challenge my mind outside of my research, in order to allow my research to more fully develop.


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