Paris: It Was All Just A Blur

October 8, 2011 § Leave a comment

Unnamed passage off Rue Saint Martin, Paris, 75003

For some reason, every picture I took on my morning walk today came out blurry. I have no idea if the problem was me or my camera, but it’s kind of a bummer. And even though my camera is digital, I did not notice as I was taking the pictures, that they were blurry. Which kind of makes me think that the problem was me. Slightly worrying. Hopefully though, whatever it was, it will be only temporary. And hopefully, it is still possible to tell that this little passage full of shops was bright, colorful, and adorable, and that the famous Pierre Hermé croissant Ispahan, filled with rose-scented (and colored) almond paste and raspberry-lychee compote, and covered with sweet, rosy, raspberry crunches and a sugary glaze, was dreamily delicious.

Pierre Hermé croissant Ispahan

I am usually a straight-up croissant person. As much as I LOVE chocolate, I am not even a big fan of pain au chocolat. But this really was a treat and I enjoyed every flaky, sweet bite. At the same time, it was a bit of a let-down. In order to not over-indulge my appetite for croissants, I have been avoiding them altogether. Finally I decided that on my one weekend day off, as part of my long Paris wander, I would get to have a croissant, preferably from one of the many famous bakeries I have read about and always hope to try. That would allow me to savor a croissant once a week, which is perfectly reasonable. So I have been building up this croissant day in my mind all week. I was so excited.  It was big, really big. And while I really really enjoyed the croissant, I also kind of felt like I could have gone without it. That I maybe even would have preferred to use my special indulgence calories on something else. So that was a really major realization for me. Maybe the croissant is not/will no longer be the end-all-be-all of French treats for me. Better might be for me to see what I feel like on each day off, and indulge in whatever craving I am having in that moment…Plus that way there will be an element of surprise each week, which is exciting in itself.

In any case, the Ispahan was delicious and as of tomorrow I will be in Copenhagen for ten days of research so will be treating myself, I hope, to rye bread with herring and other savory Danish delicacies. Yum. And hopefully I will be taking many clear and crisp photos of Copenhagen, another new-to-me city that I look so very forward to exploring. When I am not hard at work, of course.


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