No Camera = No Photos (i.e. how to choose which new Canon to buy)

December 8, 2011 § Leave a comment

So I’m super frustrated. At the start of my last trip I dropped my beloved camera and ended its life. It was a Canon PowerShot SD880 IS, which I’ve been happily using for research and pleasure purposes for about three years. I was very fortunately able to borrow a camera for research during my trip, but camera-less since my return to Paris. I have been immersed in camera reviews for the past week as I try to select a replacement and I am incredibly frustrated. I want some kind of in-between camera that does not seem to exist. The Canon PowerShot S95 seems ideal for my purposes, but it is more expensive than I would like and I feel like, if I’m going to spend over $300, then I want a pretty cool zoom which is basically the only feature this model lacks. But then you sort of get thrown into these super zoom models, like the SX220 HS, which at least right this minute is what I will most likely end up buying. Here I feel like I wish Canon had exchanged a bit of the zoom for higher overall quality. And there is no perfect in-between. Add to that the fact that there are less and different models available here in France than in the US. And yes, I am pretty much a die-hard Canon lover and user and as much as I look at other brands, I have yet to be convinced to stray.

So this post is really a vent, and is sadly picture-less because I am tired of looking at photos I took more than a few weeks ago. My attention span is way too short for that. No matter what I am going to make a decision by the end of the day tomorrow, because walking around Paris without a camera has been torturous. I feel like I have seen more fantastic sites that I was cursing myself for missing while simultaneously mentally noting their location in the hopes that I can return and fulfill all my photo-taking desires.

Prior to this, I had never broken, dropped, or otherwise killed an expensive electronic or other similar belonging. So the whole episode has been fairly traumatic. Damn that hard Jerusalem stone…Next post will hopefully surely be headed by a new photograph taken by a new camera. Fingers crossed.


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